Company information

Do you have Facebook page?
Do you have Instagram page?
Types of Crowdfunding offering

Do any of the officers or directors of company have been convicted of a felony
Retained Attorney to prepare Crowdfunding offering

The Proposed Offering

1. Have you determined your initial funding goals and your valuation? If so, what are your minimum and maximum amounts to be raised?

2. Do you have a short power point on the deal terms and pitch deck?

3. Do you have a well thought-out exit, liquidity, or pay-back plan for your investors?

4. Do you have detailed use of proceeds together with 2 year projections?

5. Do you have milestones defined with corresponding growth in the share price?

6. Do you have a detailed term sheet?

7. Do you have a valuation that has been reviewed by your Board and/or financial advisors?

8. What financial arrangements will you have with your investors with this offering?

Disclosure Information

1. What stage of business are you in?

2. Do you have a business plan or a business summary that describes your business, market need, and the opportunity you have to build your company?

3. Is your management teams experience or past success featured in the plan / summary?

4. Do you have expert advisors and service providers on your team, such as an outside accountant and attorney(s)?

5. Is your growth strategy well defined and documented in the plan?

6. Does your business plan describe the advantages you have (i.e. patents, unique marketing model, marketing alliances etc.?)

7. Do you have past financial statements reviewed or audited by outside accountants?

8. Is your growth strategy well defined and documented in the plan?

9. Do you have issued patents, patents in process, or have you filed for any provisional patents?

10. Have you prepared a Due Diligence Package?

11. Do you have a clear and concise video on the company?

12. Do you have a landing page or a website? If so, what is it?

13. Do you have marketing materials?

Legal Readiness to Conduct an Offering

1. Do you have a certificate of incorporation? In which state?

2. What is your federal tax ID number (EIN)?

3. Do you have a copy of your corporate bylaws?

4. Do you have your most recent state annual reports?

5. Do you have your most recent tax returns?

6. Do you have approval by your board to conduct an offering?

7. Do you have agreements in place with your management and your board of directors?

Ability to Conduct a Successful Offering

1. Have you raised outside capital before? If so, please supply the details

2. Has the management team started or managed other successful early stage companies?

3. Do you have a significant number of customers? If so, how many in the past 5 years?

4. Do your company and key individuals have an active and significant social media presence, and email lists? If so, please supply your Twitter id, Facebook page(s), LinkedIn profiles, etc.

5. Do you have friends, associates, or alliances that will enable you to add significantly to your email lists and social media presence?

6. Do you have working capital of at least $10,000 for legal, accounting, and compliance fees necessary for fund raising?

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