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Sprowtt CF offers a dynamic multimedia platform for general solicitation of registered securities for issuers/companies. The platform is secured with 256 Bit SSL Encryption; the same Secure SSL encryption technology used by banks and Fortune 500 firms. Sprowtt qualifies and validates each potential investor before allowing access so you can check the accreditation and location of each investor prior to allowing access to your business documents

Equity crowdfunding is raising capital from the crowd online

  • - Pitch deck
  • - Business Plan or Summary
  • - Capitalization Table
  • - Financials
  • - Formation Documents
  • - Pitch deck
  • - Business Plan or Summary
  • - Capitalization Table
  • - Financials
  • - Formation Documents

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Attorney Testimonials

Russell C. Weigel

InvestmentAttorneys Coral Gables, Florida

"As a former SEC branch chief and litigator currently in the private practice of securities law, I am impressed by Sprowtt’s proprietary, compliant, platform which makes offerings safer to conduct and safer to invest in. I am also impressed by Sprowtt's regulatory compliance mindset and its attitude of investor protection and avoidance of shortcuts."

Ronald Vance

Attorneys at Law Higley & Associates, P.C.

"Having practiced securities law for over 30 years, I recommend Sprowtt to our firm’s clients for both private placement and crowdfunding offerings based on the system’s automated and compliance features. Our firm recommends Sprowtt for the compliance advantages it gives to both issuer and investor, and for the tracking and traceability it provides."

Brian C. Kunzler

Founder of Kunzler Law Group

"Investors invest startups for their intellectual property teams or productlines. Companies need to protect themselves from IP pirates. Sprowtt enables the company to track who is receipt of its ideas and plans. Sprowtt creates a record of sharring information. I recommend Sprowtt for all its Platform features and its ability to notify investors. A company should protect its IP prior to making it public."

Sprowtt enables better communication document sharing between investors and companies.

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Sprowtt Crowdfunding Inc. was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Sprowtt Inc. Sprowtt, the parent company, -founded in 2012, is financial technology (FinTech) company that specializes in creating capital formation and revenue generating software platforms for the burgeoning capital raising industry, created by the JOBS Act for medium sized issuer companies. Sprowtt Crowdfunding Inc. is targeting, the massive early stage capital market, and a wide range of investors.


IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: Investments in crowdfunding offerings are very speculative and involve a high degree of risk and those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest. Additionally, investors may receive illiquid and/or restricted securities that are illiquid for a minimum of one year or longer length of time with no assurance that investments will be able to be sold after that time. Investors must be able to afford to hold their investment for an indefinite period of time. Investors who cannot hold an investment for the long term (at least 5-7 years) should not invest. Crowdfunding investments should only be part of your overall investment portfolio. Further, the crowdfunding portion of your portfolio should include a balanced portfolio of less speculative investments. . No communication, through this website or otherwise, should be construed as a recommendation for any securities offering on or off the website. Securities offered on the sprowttcf.com website are offered directly by the issuer. Issuers are solely responsible for the contents of any offering materials made available to prospective investors on the notwithstanding the forgoing, diversification does not guarantee against loss or ensure a profit.sprowttcf.com is not an investment advisor or broker-dealer and does not engage in any activities requiring any such registration. Sprowttcf.com does not give investment advice; provide analysis or recommendations regarding any offering posted on the Site. The Site may contain “forward looking statements” which are not guaranteed. All investors should make their own determination of whether or not to make any investment, based on their own independent evaluation and analysis. Potential investors are strongly advised to consult their legal, tax and financial advisors before investing. The securities offered on this Site can only be marketed in jurisdictions where public solicitation of offerings are permitted; it is solely your responsibility to comply with the laws and regulations of your country of residence.